Lumens the answers

What is a Lumen?

iStock_lumen-pic  A brightness of a bulb is measured in Lumens (Lm), the higher the number of Lumens the brighter the bulb. Traditionally we have gone by the amount of watts a bulb is to measure its brightness, however, watts only measure the amount of electricity used and not the brightness. With the increase of lower wattage bulbs now available it is important to know how much light it will give out. Bulb manufactures have begun to print the “Lumen” value on the side of light bulb boxes to indicate how much light a bulb gives out in all directions.


The wattage will still be shown on the box, this should not be used to guess how bright a bulb is. It’s just to compare the amount of electricity used with the brightness of the bulb, shown in Lumens (Lm). In the short term this may lead to some confusion when confronted with a bulb that reads:

10W/710 Lm (10 Watts / 710 Lumens)

This is equivalent to the standard 60W filament bulb we are all accustomed too. Below is a comparison table that offers an approximate guide to how the new LED energy saving bulbs compare with conventional bulbs:

BRIGHTNESS = Lumens (Lm)